Friday, December 3, 2010

Found Art

"Strangled as it has been by its own devotees, crippled by its perversions, and nearly paralyzed by overlaid superstitions, nevertheless Christianity, in spite of all, has filled the world with schools, orphan asylums, hospitals, leper asylums, and other institutions of various kinds for the uplifting of humanity, until there is not an island of the sea, nor a place anywhere where this has not happened.  The Christian Church, with all its faults, is the best serving institution on earth.  It has many critics, but no rivals in the work of human redemption.  If it has done this in a semi-crippled state, what will it not do when the Kingdom of God is rediscovered and fully applied in its full implications and power?  Its greatest moments are ahead."

- from E. Stanley Jones' Christ's Alternative to Communism (1935)

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