Monday, June 20, 2011

The freedom of this afternoon is worn best.

A weather-beaten man, in solitary wander, feels the tug of jeans acid-washed; showers his immediacy with a tan of leather, radiant light: Glisten--Holy! Hotly!--of the Soul's Brilliance.

Just before the Spirits Market, an unraveling of garment to cover the glow and a masquerade of Propriety Compliance: "The greatest is behind."

There is a world--away from here--where a reality of Tonight's the Night makes more sense than its present mood, here--in our evening's Summer-Soft Contemplation (Parlor).

Dangerous Possibilities discover skylines as natural as By-Product's Thought.

Outside it's so pleasant that I long to terrify myself with psychedelics and allow These/Your arrangements to best suit themselves to Idiom.

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