Thursday, October 21, 2010

The New Genesis Came (...and Went)

Back then--even in the culture of the suburbs--winning seemed important.

The weather was arranged to suit red wine and black t-shirts.

The only thing more important than family was infidelity,

And I was hot-to-trot and distanced from all obscene gardens; freed from the expectations of TeenAged Dreams.

I was overwhelmed by the varying terrain of the emotional landscapes--and lost in them, too.

And so I began to write at night.  One's always alone best with one's thoughts at night.

So, how to convey the sweet with disaster became my theme in its most serpentine--

A love song to all the Steely Dan commandos.

Their waking hours became newer births and sadder truths.

And you were just in time to see my New, I swear:

Poisons--in their youth--still can kill (and tend never miss their timely cues).

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