Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thought-Prompts of the 1985

Tonight we named a meal: The 1985.

Fish filets--frozen & sealed--along with broccoli and macaroni and cheese
Stole their ways back out of our memories like the prototypes of the first mini-vans whose door exteriors were adorned with faux wood paneling.

A "Manifest Banquet!" feast before us...

Heartily authentic and individualized in its plasticity.

Our Collective Memory Prism is working overtime:

The New UnIronical!  The Competently Sufficient!

A blandness that smacks of the adjectival equivalent of "Home."

Imagine the possibility of choosing what sticks with us...
The reconstructions of society and mass hysterias...
All frontiers rendered irrelevant--nay, wholly unknown--as we orbit our blisses (never revealed to us in their fullest blossom of mundanity).

Somewhere there is a marketing researcher struggling to sell us a station wagon that gels with our middle-class notions of Tasteful Art.

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